Family Ties – A prequel to Under The Rain

I decided to start a comic book prequel to Under The Rain, to give some background on the city and the events preceding the main plot of the game. It is still a work in progress, and you will find it at Under The Rain’s facebook page. Here goes a little preview in the meantime, tell […]

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About me and Under The Rain

The story behind Under The Rain My name is Telmo Pereira, the creator of Under The Rain. I am a 31 year old geek, programmer, artist, and of course, gamer. I worked a lot in digital art, web development and developing web based apps for private corporate use, and about a year ago I wanted […]

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Crowdfunding live @Indiegogo

So, after some consideration and thought, I launched a crowdfunding campaign for Under The Rain. I hope this will let the project to launch and achieve high heights. I need all of your help, so, visit the campaign page, my facebook, twitter, indieDB page, share the info, spread the word. Let’s make this happen guys […]

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About the story and setting

The story of Under The Rain is heavily inspired by the tales of H. P. Lovecraft, using the city of Arkham as the game’s main location. Throughout the adventure, the player will explore the majority of the city, unraveling the mysteries that the city hides in an attempt to find out more about himself. The […]

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About the game mechanics

For Under The Rain, I want to implement some familiar game mechanics, and also bring back some old ones from survival horror classics. I would like to go through most of them in more detail, so that you, the reader, may give some input and/or tell me what you think. One of the first game […]

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Back on track (sort of…)

Uau… according to my facebook page, it’s been over 250 days without any updates… That’s a long time. Too long. That’s why I am happy to announce that development of the project is, although (very) slowly, resuming. For now, I will be focusing on story elements and other design matters, since the computer I was […]

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