Family Ties – A prequel to Under The Rain

I decided to start a comic book prequel to Under The Rain, to give some background on the city and the events preceding the main plot of the game. It is still a work in progress, and you will find it at Under The Rain’s facebook page. Here goes a little preview in the meantime, tell […]

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About me and Under The Rain

The story behind Under The Rain My name is Telmo Pereira, the creator of Under The Rain. I am a 31 year old geek, programmer, artist, and of course, gamer. I worked a lot in digital art, web development and developing web based apps for private corporate use, and about a year ago I wanted […]

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About the game mechanics

For Under The Rain, I want to implement some familiar game mechanics, and also bring back some old ones from survival horror classics. I would like to go through most of them in more detail, so that you, the reader, may give some input and/or tell me what you think. One of the first game […]

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Back on track (sort of…)

Uau… according to my facebook page, it’s been over 250 days without any updates… That’s a long time. Too long. That’s why I am happy to announce that development of the project is, although (very) slowly, resuming. For now, I will be focusing on story elements and other design matters, since the computer I was […]

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